Sunday, September 29, 2019


I was thinking of the different ways we use the word "Fall"; In the military "Fall In" is to take your place in formation. To fall in love with someone is to have strong feelings of attachment. To fall out is to become detached or to have an argument. It could also be referring to sinking or stumbling. What I am thinking of today is Autumn.. The time of year when leaves dance to the ground dressed in their finest. It's a time of letting go and preparing for family festivities of the season. We love to sit by a cozy fire, smell the change in the air and enjoy the harvest. The colors are truly golden. We get to bring out our sweaters and fuzzy slippers. I feel I should welcome October with chili, apple cider and Halloween decorations.
Lately I have also been making some beautiful fall colored stained glass windows. Here are a few to usher in the season. 

1) Sun-catchers - the small colorful glass projects that can hang in any window regardless of the size. They can usually be finished in just a few hours and can be changed with the holiday.

2. . Mid sized panels with golden and reddish hues of Autumn. My favorite is the pumpkin. We even named the glass we use in that piece Pumpkin Patch.

3. All out Autumn. These windows can be left up all year just to enjoy the warm colors of this beautiful season. Nature inspires us with her artwork that allows us to create in so many mediums.

4. Just for fun I have included our Fall Garden Salsa Recipe. After a full day of cutting, foiling and soldering, have some chips and this yummy salsa. 

Garden Salsa
8 or so large tomatoes, peeled and blended
5 small onions - chopped
jalapenos or other peppers from your garden.- amount depends on how hot the peppers are. Try 1 or 2 to start.
1 Tbs lemon juice
1 Tbs lime juice
1 teas salt or garlic salt
1 clove minced garlic (optional)
1 Tbs sugar
cilantro and cumin to taste

Start a deep pot of water to boil
Cut bad parts of tomatoes, wash and gently place them in boiling water. When skins are loose, remove them to a colander inside an medium bowl. peel the skins. Blend some if you want a smooth salsa, 
Add tomatoes, onions, peppers, sugar, garlic salt, salt, vinegar, lemon juice and lime juice to the stock pot. Add blended tomato. 
For additional texture try adding more chopped onion, banana peppers, chilis, bell pepper or celery. So you see it becomes your own recipe. 
This recipe can be bottled but in our house it still doesn't last very long. 

Enjoy the season

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I was thinking of the different ways we use the word "Fall"; In the military "Fall In" is to take your place in for...