Sunday, September 29, 2019


I was thinking of the different ways we use the word "Fall"; In the military "Fall In" is to take your place in formation. To fall in love with someone is to have strong feelings of attachment. To fall out is to become detached or to have an argument. It could also be referring to sinking or stumbling. What I am thinking of today is Autumn.. The time of year when leaves dance to the ground dressed in their finest. It's a time of letting go and preparing for family festivities of the season. We love to sit by a cozy fire, smell the change in the air and enjoy the harvest. The colors are truly golden. We get to bring out our sweaters and fuzzy slippers. I feel I should welcome October with chili, apple cider and Halloween decorations.
Lately I have also been making some beautiful fall colored stained glass windows. Here are a few to usher in the season. 

1) Sun-catchers - the small colorful glass projects that can hang in any window regardless of the size. They can usually be finished in just a few hours and can be changed with the holiday.

2. . Mid sized panels with golden and reddish hues of Autumn. My favorite is the pumpkin. We even named the glass we use in that piece Pumpkin Patch.

3. All out Autumn. These windows can be left up all year just to enjoy the warm colors of this beautiful season. Nature inspires us with her artwork that allows us to create in so many mediums.

4. Just for fun I have included our Fall Garden Salsa Recipe. After a full day of cutting, foiling and soldering, have some chips and this yummy salsa. 

Garden Salsa
8 or so large tomatoes, peeled and blended
5 small onions - chopped
jalapenos or other peppers from your garden.- amount depends on how hot the peppers are. Try 1 or 2 to start.
1 Tbs lemon juice
1 Tbs lime juice
1 teas salt or garlic salt
1 clove minced garlic (optional)
1 Tbs sugar
cilantro and cumin to taste

Start a deep pot of water to boil
Cut bad parts of tomatoes, wash and gently place them in boiling water. When skins are loose, remove them to a colander inside an medium bowl. peel the skins. Blend some if you want a smooth salsa, 
Add tomatoes, onions, peppers, sugar, garlic salt, salt, vinegar, lemon juice and lime juice to the stock pot. Add blended tomato. 
For additional texture try adding more chopped onion, banana peppers, chilis, bell pepper or celery. So you see it becomes your own recipe. 
This recipe can be bottled but in our house it still doesn't last very long. 

Enjoy the season

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Friends in the Community

As an artist I am always looking for ways to relate with my audience. It's a challenge to get in front of clients and collectors. One way is to enter shows. I try to have a piece or two in a show all the time. If art lovers can't find me, they will never know if they want to own some of my work.
 Another way to rub shoulders with potential buyers is to make friends with gallery owners. I say make friends with them because I think the relationship between artist and gallery owner is a close connection. 
The relationship I would like to focus on in this blog is the partnership with a store owner.  After visiting different  boutiques, shops and other retail establishments you get the feel of where your work would be most likely to sell.  I admit I pay attention to the look of the store and the personality of the clientele. If I think they are a good fit I strike up a conversation. It's important to feel comfortable with the manager so you know it will be fun to work together. After this initial meeting you can get down to business. 
I have found two places recently that I hope to work with for a long time. Brambles and Blossoms and Rustica Hardware. We have been discussing Christmas decor and how I can be a part of their seasonal look. Following are some photos that they are considering. As Christmas approaches in earnest they will be using more stars in their decoration and we will work together to benefit both of us. These managers have already become friends and I know we will enjoy our relationships together.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

September. My Birthday Month.

I wanted o do something special for my birthday month. It's fun to celebrate all month long. My idea was to design a stained glass window for each day. Little did I know it was more work then I had anticipated just to come up with all the designs. I'm going to show you the fist few days I have so far. I am also adding some fun September surprises.

Labor Day
VJ Day
Autumn Colors
Book Day
Together in Love

I know I have many days ahead. This is just a taste. Check out Etsy at Gommstudios to order a pattern for yourself.
These Thy Gifts

This window is going to the Spiritual and Religious show for judging at the end of the month.

Also going to the same show.
 is going to the Certain Women Show in Salt lake this month. More information to come about that in our newsletter. Have a Happy September.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Keeping Up With My Students

At a recent Summer Soiree' we visited with a few previous students. Their homes were decked out with gorgeous stained glass. Most of the pieces were built in out studio through the years. I was so proud of their work and the way they have decorated in art glass. It's fun to make sure I am keeping up with them. One of my favorite things is to see students creations installed in homes and businesses. As you scroll through these beautiful windows I hope you say to yourself, I bet I can do that, or , I bet Jeanne would build me a window like that. You know I would love to.

 Our soiree' started in the back yard. We enjoyed a lovely BBQ while surrounded by beautiful glass on the porch.

 Above the staircase is this amazing glass piece set in a found frame. 

 The theme of the home was rustic western and the animal windows were a perfect addition.

 This lamp wasn't hand made but I had to include it because it was so pretty.

 The sun was a piece of agate and the flowers were fused in our kiln. I appreciate the craftsmanship and imagination in DeeAnn's work.

 The bathroom had a water theme with old photos of Salt Air and family swimming trips. The window was made with bottles found in a Ghost town. It is so cleverly arranged. 

 Here is a close-up of the bottles. Cutting the bottoms off these bottles was no easy project. 

 More amazing nature windows.

 Close-up of the rustic frame around the majestic Elk. The frames were made by her talented husband.

 The front door welcomed us to the home gallery. At least it seemed like a gallery. 

 We then had desert at Susan's home where this window lives in the front door. I love the colors she chose. 

 The antique cupboard is the perfect place for these intricate cabinet windows. 

Close-up of the cabinet inserts.

I wanted to show you the front door as part of the entry.

 Even the laundry room is decked out in style.

 More of the laundry room window.

Thanks Dee Ann and Susan for the delicious dinner and amazing home tour of your glass projects. Be sure to check out the interview with these wonderful friends on our YouTube channel.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Give It One More Push

Lately I have been trying to give it one more push at the end of the day. After I think I've put in a pretty good effort I tell myself "What if you finish super strong?" That might mean soldering for 10 more minutes, cutting out 5 more pieces, writing 3 more pages, designing one more pattern, entering one more post or preparing one more thank you card.
What ever it is, that extra push makes a big difference. I feel accomplished, strong and satisfied with my day. Just for fun I'd like to show you some final hour projects for your inspiration and enjoyment. 

This extra push was to clean and copper patina 35 Nova stars. It feels great to have a project complete so that the next day when I enter the studio I'm not finishing yesterday's work.

Just one more hour got this first side soldered. This week I will finish this window and hopefully get it installed in the client's home. I'm excited about that.

These note cards were made by my friend, Rene'. Writing a last minute thank you card on these beautiful cards is a pleasure.

Once in a while our artist friends get together for a fun evening of visiting and silliness.

After a busy day in the studio, I'm ready to turn out the lights, unplug the iron and say good night. It's time for family and friend time. Sometimes I would be fine to snuggle up on the couch with a good movie but taking time to visit and have a snack with those you love is, well, Hygge. I just learned that word which means cozy and comfortable. Taking that extra time to nurture relationships is such a blessing. I encourage you to finish each day with flair. Congratulate yourself for a job well done.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Small Windows For Small Spaces

It's a lot of fun to create big windows but that's not always feasible.  Here are some small places that are perfect for stained glass windows. This dispels any notion that there is no room in your home for stained glass. Any bathroom, closet window, corner of an existing window or cabinet is a perfect place for art glass. I hope you will find some inspiration from these samples.

Little libraries are cropping up all over. Many have glass doors that lend  themselves to lovely glass.

Our son has a tiny shed but not too tiny for a glass art piece that he designed and built. 

This project is over the hearth of our fireplace. The opportunities are endless. 

Over our glass grinder bench are these creation windows. David built the frame that hangs from the shelf above and the windows are snuggled in. 

This Indian Princess window is small enough to fit in a small transom or above the kitchen sink.

We have designed many cabinet doors in a variety of sizes. 

Let your imagination loose as you picture the perfect little space for a little sparkle and color. 
Our web-site is or you can find us on instagram as jeannegomm or facebook as Gomm Stained Glass. Send me a sketch or photo of the tiny place you would love to decorate with glass.


I was thinking of the different ways we use the word "Fall"; In the military "Fall In" is to take your place in for...